Kegel Navigation Challenge Series

Kegel Challenge Series - BROADWAY - 4537 (50 uL)

CATEGORY: Kegel Navigation Challenge Series

  • DISTANCE:37'
  • VOLUME:23.25
  • FORWARD:11.00
  • REVERSE:12.25
  • PUMP:50 ul
  • RATIO:1:4.09
  • DROP BRUSH:37'

BROADWAY - 4537 This 37 foot pattern is named after the wide open street in Manhattan called BROADWAY, which ironically originates at a park called Bowling Green. BROADWAY was originally translated from the Dutch name of 'Breede weg' because of its location in New Amsterdam. Because of the medium short length of this pattern and light volume of conditioner towards the outside portion of the lane, players can arrive to the pocket on the BROADWAY from multiple directions.