Kegel Navigation Sport Series

Kegel Sport Series - ROUTE 66 - 4345 (50 uL)

CATEGORY: Kegel Navigation Sport Series

  • DISTANCE:45'
  • VOLUME:23.30
  • FORWARD:10.30
  • REVERSE:13.00
  • PUMP:50 ul
  • RATIO:1:3.67
  • DROP BRUSH:45'

ROUTE 66 - 4345 As one the longest roads in America, so is this pattern in the series. At 45 feet in length, and as with most long oil patterns, the optimum line is usually one that is closer to the pocket or more towards the inside portion of the lane. The greatest slope of conditioner on the ROUTE 66 is from the 11th board to the 16th board so players should target along this route. Outside of that slope, the pattern is flat so there will be very little room for error. If you get hip to this tip, take that bowling center trip to get your kicks on ROUTE 66!