Kegel Navigation Sport Series

Kegel Sport Series - DEAD MAN'S CURVE - 3043 (50 uL)

CATEGORY: Kegel Navigation Sport Series

  • DISTANCE:43'
  • VOLUME:24.25
  • FORWARD:13.85
  • REVERSE:10.40
  • PUMP:50 ul
  • RATIO:1:3.00
  • DROP BRUSH:43'

DEAD MAN'S CURVE - 3043 | This 43 foot pattern has more out of bounds than most patterns because of the increased application of conditioner on the forward pass. With a slight increase slope of oil from the tenth board to the fourteenth board on the return pass, the goal of the player is to target along those boards of extra conditioner without swinging the ball too much towards the outside part of the lane. Players who try to excessively curve the ball with too much speed will find DEAD MAN'S CURVE hazardous to their score.