Kegel Navigation Sport Series

Kegel Sport Series - WINDING ROAD - 2839 (50 uL)

CATEGORY: Kegel Navigation Sport Series

  • DISTANCE:39'
  • VOLUME:22.45
  • FORWARD:12.10
  • REVERSE:10.35
  • PUMP:50 ul
  • RATIO:1:2.93
  • DROP BRUSH:39'

WINDING ROAD - 2839 | This oil pattern uses a distance of 39 feet with very little downlane help to guide the ball into the pocket. Because of the lower ratios towards the end of pattern, the greatest factor on how the WINDING ROAD will play is the lane surface and how the bowlers breakdown the pattern. The WINDING ROAD could play more inside or it could play more outside but the player who figures it out will straighten out the WINDING ROAD!