Kegel Navigation Challenge Series

Kegel Challenge Series - BEATEN PATH - 4541 (50 uL)

CATEGORY: Kegel Navigation Challenge Series

  • DISTANCE:41'
  • VOLUME:24.25
  • FORWARD:12.05
  • REVERSE:12.20
  • PUMP:50 ul
  • RATIO:1:4.04
  • DROP BRUSH:41'

BEATEN PATH - 4541 This 41 foot pattern is much like the MIDDLE ROAD but two feet longer. Because of this added length, the options of attack will be a little more limited and the pattern will usually play where the most worn or highest friction part of the lane surface is. The players who excel in reading the lanes will easily find the BEATEN PATH and make this pattern look relatively easy. If you veer too far off the BEATEN PATH, it will play more difficult.