Kegel Navigation Sport Series

Kegel Sport Series - HIGHWAY TO HELL - 2340 (40 uL)

CATEGORY: Kegel Navigation Sport Series

  • DISTANCE:40'
  • VOLUME:24.72
  • FORWARD:10.76
  • REVERSE:13.96
  • PUMP:40 ul
  • RATIO:1:2.08
  • DROP BRUSH:40'

HIGHWAY TO HELL - 2340 | This 40 foot pattern is the flattest of the group and therefore can be the most difficult. With an increased amount of conditioner outside, the HIGHWAY TO HELL is a low latitude ratio pattern with very little left to right shape to help guide the bowling ball towards the pocket. Each player will have to decide and make sense of their ball reaction to decide what's best for them to find their way down the HIGHWAY TO HELL!