Kegel Kode Sport Series (Transfer Roller)

Kegel Kode Sport Series - 4241 (40 uL TR)

CATEGORY: Kegel Kode Sport Series (Transfer Roller)

  • DISTANCE:41'
  • VOLUME:24.24
  • FORWARD:18.08
  • REVERSE:6.16
  • PUMP:40 ul
  • RATIO:1:3.61
  • DROP BRUSH:41'

Kegel Kode: 4241 | Pattern designed for use in Kegel TRANSFER ROLLER/WIPER BAR machines. This 41 foot pattern will usually play where the most worn or highest friction part of the lane surface is. This is usually between boards 13 to 8. The players who excel in reading their ball motion and adjust accordingly will make this pattern look relatively easy.