Kegel Element Challenge Series

Chromium 6742

CATEGORY: Kegel Element Challenge Series

  • DISTANCE:42'
  • VOLUME:25.56
  • FORWARD:15.41
  • REVERSE:10.15
  • PUMP:Multi ul
  • RATIO:1:6.71
  • DROP BRUSH:42'

This 42 foot challenge oil pattern has a slope of 7 boards from the low point to the high point ‐ just like the density of the element Chromium which is 7.19 g/cm  . Oil patterns that cover fewer boards from the low point to high point tend to be easier than ones that cross more boards. Most house shots cover fewer boards. But with the higher friction Terrain conditioner confined to the outside boards, along with medium‐slow buff used at the end of the pattern, if you can get your breakpoint out towards that area you too can shine on the Chromium pattern.

Kegel Tip ‐ Medium‐slow buffer speed (#2) on the FLEX means less oil is buffed on the lane in that zone.