Kegel Element Challenge Series

Mercury 4940

CATEGORY: Kegel Element Challenge Series

  • DISTANCE:40'
  • VOLUME:25.55
  • FORWARD:13.98
  • REVERSE:11.57
  • PUMP:Multi ul
  • RATIO:1:4.82
  • DROP BRUSH:40'

By using two of Kegel's highest viscosity conditioners, Terrain and Fire, along with utilizing the FLEX's high speed buffer in front part of the lane, the Mercury pattern can balance out worn lane surfaces in the head area. However, with the asymmetric shift being used on the Mercury pattern, depending on topography and what side of the lane you play on, your scores can be very hot or very cold.

Kegel Tip ‐ An asymmetric shift means that the oil pattern is shifted towards one side of the lane on the forward pass and towards the opposite side on the reverse pass.