Kegel Element Challenge Series

Tungsten 6239

CATEGORY: Kegel Element Challenge Series

  • DISTANCE:39'
  • VOLUME:25.60
  • FORWARD:15.99
  • REVERSE:9.61
  • PUMP:Multi ul
  • RATIO:1:6.25
  • DROP BRUSH:39'

With Tungsten meaning "heavy stone" in Swedish, this oil pattern can lift your scores high if the lane surface allows the outside to play. However, if the lane does not play well outside and you're forced to move farther towards the inside, don't be surprised if your scores drop like a rock.

Kegel Tip ‐ Oil patterns in the 38' to 39' range can often be tricky and are very lane surface dependent. They can often be too long to play outside because they can create "hang spots", yet too short to play inside because of the “lack of hold area".