Kegel Element Sport Series

Krypton 2943

CATEGORY: Kegel Element Sport Series

  • DISTANCE:43'
  • VOLUME:26.92
  • FORWARD:16.24
  • REVERSE:10.68
  • PUMP:Multi ul
  • RATIO:1:2.94
  • DROP BRUSH:39'

By using Kegel’s newest Element conditioner Terrain, and utilizing medium‐slow buff speeds in the last 8 feet of the pattern along with high buffer speeds in the very front of the pattern, the asymmetric shifted Krypton pattern will have more front‐to‐back taper than many 43’ patterns you may encounter. The noble combination of all should provide very smooth and predictable ball motion from the start if you can see the light the Krypton pattern provides and play in a part of the lane that is conducive for your style of play.

Kegel Tip – Front‐to‐back taper means the difference between the amount of conditioner in the front part of the lane versus the amount towards the very end of the pattern. Oil patterns with more front‐to‐back taper tend to play easier than oil patterns with less taper.