Kegel Element Sport Series

Plutonium 2239

CATEGORY: Kegel Element Sport Series

  • DISTANCE:39'
  • VOLUME:26.66
  • FORWARD:16.76
  • REVERSE:9.90
  • PUMP:Multi ul
  • RATIO:1:2.21
  • DROP BRUSH:39'

This 39 foot pattern to your ego is a lot like the element Plutonium for the world ‐ “it can create or destroy”. The alloy conditioner combination of using Fire on the forward pass, with a somewhat short forward applied oil distance, and Terrain on the reverse pass, with the oil streams hitting the lane farther back into the pattern, makes the Plutonium pattern flatter towards the end. We could say the wacky behavior of electrons in the outer shell of the element Plutonium might be like your ball choice; it could take 4, 5, or 6 before you settle on one that works.

Kegel Tip – The flatter the oil pattern is towards the end of the pattern the more difficult it will play.