Kegel Element Sport Series

Radium 1837

CATEGORY: Kegel Element Sport Series

  • DISTANCE:37'
  • VOLUME:25.01
  • FORWARD:10.22
  • REVERSE:14.80
  • PUMP:Multi ul
  • RATIO:1:1.80
  • DROP BRUSH:31'

This low ratio 37’ pattern is more like the beliefs about the element Radium in the early days of discovery; if played correctly it’s not that harmful to your score, and it can actually be high scoring. However, if you stray towards the inside part of the lane too soon, the reality of Radium can set in, causing your scores to suffer a painful experience.
Kegel Tip – Shorter patterns tend to have wider load structures yet leave the outside boards fairly dry. Try to make sure your sliding foot is farther towards the outside so the path of your ball can take advantage of the oil pattern’s wider shape.